The AveraVerse in 2023

It’s March 19, 2023 and I come to you today with the plan of action for the AveraVerse this year. It may seem a little late in the game for a beginning of the year report, but I think the wait has allowed me to solidify a few plans which weren’t in sight at the beginning of the year.

I’ll start by say that this is a year a change for me. I have a space opera series coming out under a pen name from a publisher which is pretty awesome, but those books were written last year and are being edited by the publisher. My involvement regarding those books is limited to approving edits and making a few final changes before they are published. Instead of focusing on that, let’s focus on current works in progress and what’s on my plate following that.

My current work in progress is a fantasy novel titled “Winds of Eshera”. It’s my first fantasy novel, though my intentions when I started writing was to be a fantasy author. Somehow, I ended up writing about two dozen science fiction novels along the way and never finished that first fantasy novel I started eleven years ago. “Winds of Eshera” is currently 22,000 words and roughly 20% complete. I anticipate finishing the first draft Summer 2023.

Following “Winds of Eshera,” I will return to “The Alorian Wars” for the final book. It is titled, “Darker Waters” and is the sixth book of that series. The unpublished the rest and took out the foul language as it doesn’t represent who I am as a writer, now. Other than that, those books will remain largely unchanged (audiobooks especially). “Darker Waters” previously had 10,000 words written, but I have decided to go another way with that book and will take out about 3,000 of those words as I remove a point of view character and replace it with someone else. I plan to start this project this Summer.

The final book on my plate for 2023 is “Pitfall,” the second book in the “Consulate” series. I’ll be honest, I have two ideas for this book and neither one is really motivating me to hit the go button for writing it. Something is missing, and I want to wrap some things up in other books before I jump into this one. My plans for this book are very fluid. In fact, I may even push it back further if the publisher of that space opera series asks for more books. I can only write one at a time, so I need to focus on the books that are more in demand.

So, there you have it. The battle plan for 2023 within the AveraVerse. My hope is that I can get ahead of these projects and start new chapters in new books for a new year. But series like “The Alorian Wars” deserves to be finished, and I do need to finish the “Consulate” trilogy. If you want to know when new books are released, then please sign up to my newsletter. You can do so here: The AveraVerse.


2 thoughts on “The AveraVerse in 2023

  1. I won a copy of Traitor. I want to thank you for the book and for signing it. I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more adventures.

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