The Pandemic Epidemic

Oy, I am about over the distress coming from the CoronaVirus. This is wrecking havoc on the stock market and people are out of work in order to lessen the spread of the virus. I think taking precautions during a virus is smart, but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if it doesn’t stress me out. Heck, I even had to arm wrestle someone for toilet paper…I’m kidding, but I would have if I needed to lol.

Anyway, for those of you cooped up in your homes and suffering from cabin fever, hopefully I can take your mind off of it for a short while. I discounted all of my stand alone books and series starters. A large portion of my backlist is now 99 cents to help ease the consumer burden while we wait out COVID-19.

If you want to stockpile some books on your Kindle, then click the red link at the bottom of the images below and save some money. I hope you enjoy them!

Published by drewavera

I am an active duty Navy veteran and self published science fiction author. I grew up in Mississippi and joined the navy at seventeen. I now live in Virginia with my wife and two daughters.

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