Questions with the BAMF Authors: Part 3

Continue to learn about the creators of Broken Arrow Mercenary Force in part three of the five-part interview series.

  1. Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks, or reading e-books, or are you old school?

Rick: I don’t like reading physical books anymore at all.  I prefer e-books.  Audio books can be good, but only with the right narrator.  Some guys read too slow and I get impatient.

Drew: I prefer paperback books. Hardbacks are too clunky, and e-books don’t feel like a book. I also have a hard time with audiobooks because it becomes background noise.


  1. If you had a book turned into a movie, who would you cast as the protagonist, and from which book?

Rick: If the Duty, Honor, Planet series were adapted into a series of movies, I think Jack O’Connell, the guy who starred in Unbroken, would make a good Jason McKay, if he put on a little muscle.  The harder casting would be Shannon Stark.  Scarlett Johansen would have been perfect about 15 years ago, but not anymore.

Drew: If Dead Planet was made into a movie, I think Drew Roy from Falling Skies would make a good Serus.



  1. You get the option between a movie deal or a streaming service creating a TV show from your worlds, which would you pick and why?

Rick: From a story standpoint, a limited series on a streaming service would be ideal, but money wise, the movie would be better.

Drew: Netflix, I have this idea, call me bro.


  1. Do you believe in having a legacy, if so, what do you hope your legacy will be?

Rick: It’s nice to think people will be reading my books after I’m dead, but the only legacy I really care about is my kids.

Drew: I hope that when I leave this world that I will have made enough of a positive impact on people that I will be remembered. I mainly want my kids to remember me, but I’ve led a lot of people in the military, and that kind of bond is really tight as well.


  1. Has your service in the military influenced your writing?

Rick: Definitely.  It gave me an insight into how it feels and into the kind of people who join the military and either accept the risk or long for it.

Drew: Of course. I even work some of the personalities I meet into my books. The people I kill fictionally are pretty lucky I have writing as an outlet lol.

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Learn more about Rick Partlow at his website.

Learn more about Drew Avera at his website.

Stay tuned for more questions and answers in this five-part series!

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