I Became a Best-Selling Author Today


I became a best-selling author today. Seriously, I woke up and BAM, a best-seller. All because of an anthology that released yesterday my place in the universe is slightly altered.
I’m not going to lie; I don’t really know what to do with my hands right now, so I’m pressing them against this keyboard in hopes that I string together a few sentences to mark the occasion. I wish I could say that I feel different, like winning the lottery or making a free throw for a million bucks, but really I feel exactly like I did yesterday, before the launch of the anthology that changed my status from author to “best-selling” author.
I think reflecting on the past might be a fitting tribute for where the journey has taken me so far. It is pretty simple, after several years I got fed up with aspiring to write a book and eventually took the bull by the horns and DID it. It was not an easy endeavor, but it was simple. I wrote every day for NaNoWriMo 2012 until I reached 50,000 words. It was a done deal, I won National Novel Writing Month, I spent a few months editing, and next thing you know you could search my name on Amazon and find ME…
Broken down to the basics, I became a best-selling author by writing. There was no fireworks display or human sacrifice involved. I put words on a screen and repeated the process until I had about two-dozen works published in three years. The kicker, though, is that it was not the books and stories I published on my own that brought me to this moment. It was the work of Samuel Peralta, who asked me to contribute to two of his anthologies, The Future Chronicles: The Immortality Chronicles which released in 2015, and Alt History 102 which dropped yesterday (January 30, 2016). It was my inclusion into a community of top-rated speculative fiction authors that I can now say that I am an Amazon Best-Selling Author!
To be honest with you, I’m nervous about this success. I’m proud of it, but I’m also fearful of it. What if people realize that it was a fluke, that my writing ability is crap and all I did was ride someone else’s coattails? It is a legitimate fear on one hand, but on the other I was asked to participate. I didn’t just highjack a good situation and sat back for the ride. It took a lot of work on my part, and the hard work of twelve other authors, an editor, and of course Samuel Peralta.
So, here I am, a best-selling author, no different of a person than I was yesterday, except maybe a little more humbled as reality is sinking in and I feel like I need to earn that honor with everything else I do from here on out. Maybe that’s why I’m afraid, not of what I’ve done, but of what I have not done.
Maybe the fear is a blessing. I will tell you that working with the other authors in this anthology has been a blessing. And it is one that I hope to repeat again, several times in the future. Maybe it is fitting that an anthology where we change history was destined to change my own, to bring me to this point. Either way, I am stoked to be here. Enough about that, though, maybe you would like to see what has brought me to this moment. Some stories change history, like this one, I present to you,  Alt History 102


I am an active duty Navy veteran and self published science fiction author. I grew up in Mississippi and joined the navy at seventeen. I now live in Virginia with my wife and two daughters.

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One comment on “I Became a Best-Selling Author Today
  1. Congratulations, mate. This is indeed wonderful news.

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