Our Future is in the Past by Artemus Cole 2103

Our Future is in the Past

Future historians are going to look back at the early twenty-first century as a time where many people were superstitious, believing that sharing pictures or copy/pasted posts would somehow bring them enlightenment and wealth. This period will be marked as one where the birth of Social Mediaism as a cultural religion was initially sparked. Societies setup based on the teachings of this past will be due, in large part, to the fact that hatred escalates with free speech and the only way to snuff it out is to repress the rights of each citizen in order to preserve humanity. There will be protests, but they will be short-lived. There will be examples made until everyone conforms, and then it will be too late.

The foundation has already been laid. We are just bricks mortared into place with the expectation to withstand the coming storm. The only problem is that we are inferior materials for such a storm, and we are doomed to perish under the strain of the winds of change. Essentially, we are all screwed. I guess we will have ourselves to thank, except we will all be dead…

-Artemus Cole 2103

Artemus Cole is an underground blogger and civil rights activist. His, or her, views on politics have been shared and criticized by both government officials and the media. According to Cole, those criticisms reveal the truth behind what he/she is trying to say. Until the truth is revealed there is no hope for reform. To show your support for Artemus Cole and the Cause, please pledge untraceable funds to cause4concern.org/pledge and help us reclaim the America we lost.

2103: The Fall of America is a dystopian science fiction series set in what is left of America after the Second American Civil War. Torn into three separate countries, America is broken and constantly on the brink of another war. Political corruption is more available than clean air in some parts of the country and you never know who you can trust. Take a walk on the dark side of America’s future and see for yourself. Grab 2103: The Fall of America Act I here: 2103


I am an active duty Navy veteran and self published science fiction author. I grew up in Mississippi and joined the navy at seventeen. I now live in Virginia with my wife and two daughters.

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