From Whence We Came by Artemus Cole 2103

From Whence We Came
An essay on the state of America; or what is left of it.

The last one-hundred years is a blink of an eye by cosmic terms and one hell of a Saturday night by any American fraternity standard, but that is no excuse for the culture of fear we now live in. it is not “our” fault that the sins of our fathers brought us to this crossroads, but it still remains our problem, a part of our lineage that I imagine most of us are ashamed of to some extent or another.
The second American Civil War was not a revolution as much as it was a terrorist attack. Extremism has always been the bane of fundamentalism, and that fundamentalism has always cut against the grain of societal medians. I see it still, in our culture, in our government, and rest assured that I am looking behind my back every day because I have uttered those words publicly; as I will continue to do until my life is cut short.
What happened to the freedom of speech our ancestors held? How did it fall away with the same severity as the fractured second amendment so many years ago? How has cowardice become a token of citizenship in a country rooted in history as being the most defiant, the most rigid in its moral dignities?
I tell you, there is something about this world we live in that sends chills down my spine. I have read the history books. You can add any kind of philosophy to the decisions made by the powers that be all you want, but it never really adds up to anything definitive. Why? Because those leaders were puppets, dangling from some unseen strings in order to trick out ancestors into hating those who believed differently than they did. Talking heads doing nothing but back-peddling over past statements, running the culture of politics in circles until the whole damned country was dizzy, drunk in ignorance.
And you know what? It worked!
History tells us of the millions dead over the several conflicts that tore America apart. They called it the second American Civil War, but it wasn’t civil, we were already divided. Three separate entities now make up what used to be The United States of America. These republics are fractured within themselves, remnants of state’s rights advocates and men and women who choose to believe the lies feed to them over all these years. No, we were divided long before the first bullet rang out in that night sky. We were already set on our own paths before the first bombs dropped which brought Washington DC to its knees.
Yet, here we are again, on our collective knees, blades to our throats, threatened by ideals that mean nothing in the scheme of the universe.
It is an easy thing to complain of the ills of society. We can find fault in our brothers while refusing to look in our own hearts. Perhaps that is what has plagued humanity all these years, confined to rock and running out of room to stretch out without touching someone else, someone we feel is violating our space. Maybe the answers to our problems lie elsewhere, beyond the moon, beyond a distant star with Earth decaying in the rearview mirror.
I wonder how long it will be before humanity does live on another world. I mean, we are advancing in technology at an alarming rate despite the costly setbacks of war. And with those advancements our dreams go further. Immortality, traversing the galaxy, artificial intelligence, it is all seemingly within reach, our fingers barely glancing the curvature of those scientific advancements. Are we called to the stars? For that I do not know, but I yearn to be somewhere else other than here and now. I long to see a sunrise without the landscapes of war, unhindered by religious upheaval and political meanderings that equate to nothing more than corrupt hands filling greedy pockets. I want to be somewhere out there, no longer anchored to a society that I do not belong.
But, alas, we still live on a world of dirt, fighting about opinions based on old teachings which probably came from somewhere else. I don’t argue God’s existence, but why do we confine God to the same world where we scatter like roaches every time our world is illuminated by fear? God is most likely waiting for us in the heavens, His patience wearing thin as we murder our brothers and sisters because their rhetoric is wrong.
If I were God I would be ashamed at what humanity has wrought on my precious world. We were made for much more than this and I am afraid we may have lost our chance at redemption. There is no value from whence we came; all value is where we ought to be going. Of course, this is just my opinion, and for it my life is none the richer…

-Artemus Cole 2103

Artemus Cole is an underground blogger and civil rights activist. His, or her, views on politics have been shared and criticized by both government officials and the media. According to Cole, those criticisms reveal the truth behind what he/she is trying to say. Until the truth is revealed there is no hope for reform. To show your support for Artemus Cole and the Cause, please pledge untraceable funds to and help us reclaim the America we lost.

2103: The Fall of America is a dystopian science fiction series set in what is left of America after the Second American Civil War. Torn into three separate countries, America is broken and constantly on the brink of another war. Political corruption is more available than clean air in some parts of the country and you never know who you can trust. Take a walk on the dark side of America’s future and see for yourself. Grab 2103: The Fall of America Act I here: 2103


I am an active duty Navy veteran and self published science fiction author. I grew up in Mississippi and joined the navy at seventeen. I now live in Virginia with my wife and two daughters.

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